product overview


DataBatcher is a program that batch-processes files and folders. It is especially intended to batch-process the data contents of files.

'Batch processing' means setting up a job of work that is to be done, and then running that job - perhaps just once, or perhaps hundreds of times. This is an alternative to the more common way of working with computers, in which different programs are driven manually and interactively by mouse clicks and keystrokes. Batch processing is especially suited to dealing with repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

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Some programs - especially those that deal with image files - have in-built batch processing capabilities. Other programs (typically small-sized, shareware software) are dedicated to performing a certain, specific batch-processed task: e.g. complex file renaming; processing audio files; processing image files. DataBatcher takes a more centralized and more general-purpose approach: it batch-processes (potentially) all types of file via the use of 'plugin modules'.

Within the world of DataBatcher, a 'plugin module' is a piece of code that processes certain files in certain ways. An example is a plugin module that processes only image files. The more plugin modules that are available to you, the more work you can achieve using DataBatcher. DataBatcher comes supplied with a number of plugin modules as standard. More will be developed and made available over time.

Computer programmers can develop their own plugin modules for private use, or to make available to other users of DataBatcher (either freely, or to buy). Visit the Developer Zone for more details.

Product Features