product features


With the current release of DataBatcher, which includes six standard, built-in plugin modules, you can perform the following tasks in a batch-processed manner:

  • Copy files / folders from one location to another
  • Create new files / folders
  • Delete files / folders
  • Create shortcuts to files / folders
  • Change the attributes of files / folders
  • Touch files / folders (i.e. change their modified, created, accessed times)
  • Execute a batch file (.bat; .cmd) in the Cmd.exe command interpreter (e.g. to rename files)
  • Convert image files from one format to another
  • Run a Windows PowerShell 1.0 script that is able to interact with DataBatcher's runtime environment.

The above list assumes that no other plugin modules have been developed and made available.


DataBatcher also contains the following features, which are independent of what plugin modules happen to be installed:

  • Set up and run (and re-run) batch-processed jobs
  • Configure each step in a job to behave exactly as you wish
  • Process sets of files on an assembly line basis
  • Full logging of all activity when a job runs
  • Pre-prepare collections of files to be processed when a job runs
  • Minimize the GUI application to the task bar or system tray when a job runs
  • Run jobs in a hands-free manner using DataBatcher's console application
  • Set up portable jobs that run correctly on different machines
  • Full undo / redo for all editable documents
  • Open, XML-based formats are used for all of DataBatcher's own files (e.g. job files), allowing them to be processed by other programs
  • An SDK (software development kit) for writing your own plugin modules is included with each installed copy of DataBatcher.

Product Requirements