privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Licenses are purchased via, and emailed to you by, SWREG®. You provide personal and payment information to SWREG® securely; they process the order and pass information to Micro Inspirations so that we can generate your license key and record information about the order. SWREG® does not pass your payment details to us.

At Micro Inspirations we do not share, distribute, sell or give away your details to other companies or individuals. The personal and/or business details that you give to us directly or via SWREG® are retained by us solely for transacting business with you (e.g. emailing and re-emailing license keys), and to retain a record of who has purchased licenses for DataBatcher.

We will not contact you about new versions of DataBatcher except where you have given your express permission for us to do so, e.g. by signing up to a mailing list that we may support at a future date.

This policy was last revised on 12th February 2006.