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Release Announcement - 2nd March 2007

DataBatcher 1.2 has been released. As of this release, DataBatcher is now free! DataBatcher is now officially freeware, and will remain so from now on.

This new release is available for immediate download.

If you use the product, please do give us feedback via the forums. Technical support is available for all users.

Thank you for your interest in DataBatcher.


Release Announcement - 12th January 2007

DataBatcher 1.1 has been released. This version adds a console application to run jobs with, and a plugin module that uses Microsoft's Windows PowerShell 1.0 software for running scripts as part of a DataBatcher job.

The new console application runs jobs (with logging) in a hands-free manner. Create, set up and test-run jobs in the GUI application, then run them as and when needed using the console application. Run the console application from the command line, from a batch file, as a Scheduled Task, or (if you're a developer) invoked from your own programs. The GUI application includes a wizard to set up a job to be run by the console application via a batch file.

The new 'PowerShell' plugin module allows you to run PowerShell scripts as part of a running job in DataBatcher. A step's PowerShell script can interact with DataBatcher's runtime environment, allowing it to read from the incoming FileSet, write to the outgoing FileSet, write to the activity log, and so on. Plus the full range of PowerShell's cmdlets and functions, not to mention the full power of the .NET Framework, is available to your PowerShell script.